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Italian job - 10/07/2006

ITALIAN JOB with Daniel and Patrick in july _06
70 years of work of Giovanni Nino Soncina May 15, 2005

A passionate life of work

May 15, 1932 May 15, 2004
The festivities and celebration for the 70 years of work of Giovanni Nino Soncina took place at the Auditorium of Villa Alba in Gardone Riviera

The following dignitaries were present at the ceremony: the Mayor of Roe Volciano, Massimo Ronchi; the Secretary of the Small Business Association of Brescia, Francesco Gobbi; the President of the Sipec Foundation, Luciano Silveri; and the Journalist and Historian, Marcello Zane, his wife Wanda with their daughter Mariella and their son Renato; the family of Nino Soncina, friends and workers that through these decades appreciated his personality, generosity and firmness.

His 70 years of uninterrupted efforts in the world of the company were celebrated in the presence of the Coro La Faita of Gavardo, directed by the Maestro Valerio Bertelotti.

"70 years of work, a passionate daily life". In this phrase, which is also the title of the volume that covers his biography, it is condensed the life of Giovanni "Nino" Soncina, the head of OMSI Trasmissioni of RoË Volciano. A passionate life of hard work and efforts that had become the sign and sediment for the spirit of sacrifice but that also offered hope of realization and comfort for the entire local community.

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